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This post may contain affiliate links, and this blog could earn a small commission if affiliate links are used. For more information, check out my disclaimer. I work with a difficult person. Believe me, calling her “difficult” is kind. I could regale you with all the bizarre behavior that makes working with her especially difficult, but why bitch-bond? We are better than that. And besides, you know who I am talking about…. Read More

Burned Out? Same. In approximately 10 days I’m going on vacation. I. CAN’T. WAIT. For the last two-ish years I have worked an intense schedule. A light week is anything that clocks between 40-50 hours, and a standard week is easily 50-65 hours. Add to this, the nature of my work is physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing. Most days, I love my job. I am so very grateful this is where I… Read More

Spending less than we earn, or living below our means is no small feat—especially living in the United States, or in any consumer culture. Advertising is the best it’s ever been, with never-ending new techniques. We have the technology to impulsively click “buy” when we feel the desire. Others’ highlight reels are literally at our fingertips via social media on our smart phones.  All of this (sometimes overt, sometimes crafty) pressure can… Read More

There are several priorities in life I value. Among these priorities are kindness, family, contributing to the world, working smart (and budgeting smart), loving others, and self-care. While I try to approach life with a thoughtful, joyful, and frugal lens, sometimes it feels like a lot of high-caliber experiences cost money. Frugal Self-Care Honors All of My Priorities Small aside on why Self-Care is worth every second. Simply, you deserve it. I have… Read More

On New Year’s Day, around 6pm, I started to feel something not right in my body. I was stuffed up, and a little weak and stiff in some places. As much as I wanted to brush it off and call it good, old, reliably miserable, allergies, I knew it was something much grosser.  I wasn’t hung over, hadn’t eaten too much junk food over the holidays, and it was definitely related to… Read More

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