This Fascinating Adventure


Maybe it’s your first time having access to a 401(k), or maybe you are now playing catch-up (like me). Here, I hope to share the basics of a 401(k), and how to get started investing in one. No fretting necessary. This is something you absolutely can do. Sun’s up, guns up, folks! (Just kidding. I support reasonable gun ownership laws.) 401(k)’s: The Nitty Gritty **All numbers/laws referenced are 2019 figures. Always check the… Read More

“And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” —Unknown I saw the above quote years ago, and I felt as if I had to catch my breath. Perhaps all humans struggle with loving themselves first in some form. Getting to know ourselves is a most fascinating adventure. Part of honoring ourselves in all ways, includes honoring ourselves… Read More

How do you get started with an Emergency Fund? A Starter Emergency Fund, of course! I’ll explain what this is and how to start in this quick and dirty guide.

Boosting how much money we put into our Savings account each month can sometimes be difficult. Especially when we are first starting out. It may seem daunting to look for places within our spending to save a few dollars, but here are twelve things you can do today to start saving money: Pack your lunch: I started packing my lunch for work everyday about 2 years ago. My lunch usually consists of:… Read More

As someone who used to spend every last dollar every pay period, I am familiar with the sensation that there is just no way I could put money into a savings account and not touch it. Life would happen, and any surplus left after I paid my bills would be allocated toward a need like an oil change or new tires. At other times, after mildly majorly stressing over money every pay… Read More

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