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There are many different types of retirement accounts out there; it’s hard to keep track of all the nuances between them. Like, why do some employers offer a 401(k), and others offer a 403(b)? Is one better than the other?  If you’ve done any research on the two plans, you may have come across information that implies 403(b)’s aren’t as advantageous as 401(k)’s. Why not? Anyway, whatever your employer gives you, you’re… Read More

Maybe it’s your first time having access to a 401(k), or maybe you are now playing catch-up (like me). Here, I hope to share the basics of a 401(k), and how to get started investing in one. No fretting necessary. This is something you absolutely can do. Sun’s up, guns up, folks! (Just kidding. I support reasonable gun ownership laws.) 401(k)’s: The Nitty Gritty **All numbers/laws referenced are 2019 figures. Always check the… Read More

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