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Making any sort of decision can sometimes be overwhelming. Some of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make in life have far-reaching consequences that affect us for a long time. And if these decisions have financial repercussions…shooooo. If I allowed myself, I’d easily pore over these numbers for days! I am a thinker and planner by nature. Any time I need to work toward something significant, I prefer to organize my thoughts and… Read More

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments! Since we went on a cruise a few weeks ago, we budgeted a significant amount for spending on the cruise. It was our honeymoon, and we wanted to be sure we had plenty of money for any shopping, gambling, or foodie purchases. We came… Read More

There are many different types of retirement accounts out there; it’s hard to keep track of all the nuances between them. Like, why do some employers offer a 401(k), and others offer a 403(b)? Is one better than the other?  If you’ve done any research on the two plans, you may have come across information that implies 403(b)’s aren’t as advantageous as 401(k)’s. Why not? Anyway, whatever your employer gives you, you’re… Read More

I am always trying to learn. Usually, I read at least one Personal Finance article a day—most days, multiple articles. One suggestion I see often, that I absolutely love is: avoid lifestyle inflation. Oh snap! This is genius, relatively simple to do, and makes a huge difference. It’s also really challenging to reverse engineer if lifestyle inflation has already creeped in.  What is Lifestyle Inflation? Simply put, lifestyle inflation (or lifestyle creep)… Read More

When someone doesn’t sign off on what we think, feel, say, or do, it can be hurtful. When I started to save money, pay off debt, and generally work toward financial stability, oddly, there were a few naysayers along the way. Why it matters to other people, I don’t know. Nevertheless, we are an opinionated species, and I certainly encountered my share of criticism.  Making changes can be hard, and it becomes… Read More

Since the days of old, I’ve held the highest standards for myself. I tend to set bizarre expectations, that only matter to me. From elementary school until college, I’d rewrite my notes or homework assignments if I didn’t like my handwriting or the pen I was using. I used to be extremely meticulous about my appearance. Though my “symptoms” of Perfectionism have evolved through the years, I find signs of it in… Read More

When I say “Home Economics”, it might bring to mind an era when folks were taught in school how to care for flour babies, cook, and mend all of the items. Especially if you were a woman, in Home Economics you might learn how to sew full wardrobes for your entire family and vacuum covers that look like bunny rabbits. Essentially, you might think of these classes as “home making” lessons, for… Read More

One year ago we moved into our first house! Through diligent savings, we came up with the down payment. Despite our own nay-saying that we could get together that much money, we have arrived! Home ownership is ours! [Trumpets! Fanfare!] Now we are done saving and our previous “frugal apartment” budget is transferable to our new house! [maniacal laughter] Nope, nope, and… [checks clipboard] nope. Costs Of Buying a House Listen, I… Read More

There has been a lot of talk about privilege in varying circles I run in. Like I’ve mentioned before, my parents are both Deaf, and I encounter regular mentions of Hearing Privilege in my closest circles. There are conversations on social platforms and in the mainstream media on White Privilege or Cis Privilege.  And in the Personal Finance sphere I see talk of Class Privilege. As allies, there are a lot of… Read More

A good credit score is the ever elusive goal that we (who are trying to get our money in order) strive for. But how do you get that good credit score, and what does it mean anyway? Let’s Start With Some Definitions: A credit score (also known as your FICO score) is a 3-digit number calculated through a wonky formula mathematical algorithm based on your credit report.  A credit report is a… Read More

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