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Making any sort of decision can sometimes be overwhelming. Some of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make in life have far-reaching consequences that affect us for a long time. And if these decisions have financial repercussions…shooooo. If I allowed myself, I’d easily pore over these numbers for days! I am a thinker and planner by nature. Any time I need to work toward something significant, I prefer to organize my thoughts and… Read More

I have made a ton of baloney decisions in my life. Among these include developing a drinking problem in my late teens/early twenties (arguably genetics played a role in this), all of the dating choices I’ve ever made (except for my current partner of course), and spending every dime of money I earned up until age 27-ish. I “should’ve” done a ton of things differently. I didn’t and yet, here I am. … Read More

When someone doesn’t sign off on what we think, feel, say, or do, it can be hurtful. When I started to save money, pay off debt, and generally work toward financial stability, oddly, there were a few naysayers along the way. Why it matters to other people, I don’t know. Nevertheless, we are an opinionated species, and I certainly encountered my share of criticism.  Making changes can be hard, and it becomes… Read More

To live, you gotta eat, to eat, you gotta work. To make my living, I am a contractor for about half of my time, and I am a part time employee at various locations the other half. Whether I am working as a contractor, or as an employee, I perform the same job and get paid a reasonably high hourly rate. I recognize my privilege in being able to have access to… Read More

When I started this blog, I admit, it was completely out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know how to start a blog, or what a hosting sever was. Brené Brown talks about how humans are hardwired for storytelling, and I’ve always wanted to write something real. A fear of mine has been that I would put myself out there, share my story, and no one would find it interesting. Ergo, not… Read More

Fear permeates much more of our lives than we suspect, or would ever want to give credit to. It has been revolutionary for me to realize that, recognize what I am so afraid of, and actively work toward acknowledging those moments in my life when I am reacting out of fear. Fear, in many ways, makes sense. We need it biologically for survival. When someone sneaks up on us, we jump—to avoid… Read More

Today marks a new beginning on a path to living my best life. I know that if I do not eventually make the decision to start, my best life will be out of my reach forever. At some point I have to make the decision to begin; it will not just happen for me. It requires a consciousness and a commitment and there is no better way to help me not to… Read More

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