This Fascinating Adventure


Making any sort of decision can sometimes be overwhelming. Some of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make in life have far-reaching consequences that affect us for a long time. And if these decisions have financial repercussions…shooooo. If I allowed myself, I’d easily pore over these numbers for days! I am a thinker and planner by nature. Any time I need to work toward something significant, I prefer to organize my thoughts and… Read More

I have made a ton of baloney decisions in my life. Among these include developing a drinking problem in my late teens/early twenties (arguably genetics played a role in this), all of the dating choices I’ve ever made (except for my current partner of course), and spending every dime of money I earned up until age 27-ish. I “should’ve” done a ton of things differently. I didn’t and yet, here I am. … Read More

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