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We are a family of two and we love food! Frankly, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a good meal. Healthy and frugal grocery shopping can be a challenge on a budget, so here’s a run-through on how my household tames this beast. Now, the price of groceries depend on the cost of living in your area and your proximity to grocery stores. (The Grocery Gap is a real barrier to… Read More

Spending less than we earn, or living below our means is no small feat—especially living in the United States, or in any consumer culture. Advertising is the best it’s ever been, with never-ending new techniques. We have the technology to impulsively click “buy” when we feel the desire. Others’ highlight reels are literally at our fingertips via social media on our smart phones.  All of this (sometimes overt, sometimes crafty) pressure can… Read More

How do you budget with multiple streams of income? It can be challenging to plan your money with variable income, but fear not! Here’s some help!

Got debt? Don’t know where to start? Here is a free guide to paying off debt. I’m not selling anything—after all, I want you debt-free! Here’s how I did it.

How do you get started with an Emergency Fund? A Starter Emergency Fund, of course! I’ll explain what this is and how to start in this quick and dirty guide.

Boosting how much money we put into our Savings account each month can sometimes be difficult. Especially when we are first starting out. It may seem daunting to look for places within our spending to save a few dollars, but here are twelve things you can do today to start saving money: Pack your lunch: I started packing my lunch for work everyday about 2 years ago. My lunch usually consists of:… Read More

Imagine going to a gas staton and asking the attendant if you can have $20 of gas on pump 3. Oh, and by the way, does he mind if you pay him later? Impossible right? In today’s world, there aren’t any IOUs, or running up a tab in the local grocery store. Things have to be paid up-front and in full. This is difficult for many people who live paycheck-to-paycheck, and also… Read More

My first experience with an allowance was back in elementary school, where every Friday I would get $2. Up to this point as a kid, I never got money or toys unless it was a birthday or a holiday, so when I was told I would be getting an allowance, I was psyched. I would dutifully go to Target or Walmart or wherever, and spend as much time as my parents could… Read More

As someone who used to spend every last dollar every pay period, I am familiar with the sensation that there is just no way I could put money into a savings account and not touch it. Life would happen, and any surplus left after I paid my bills would be allocated toward a need like an oil change or new tires. At other times, after mildly majorly stressing over money every pay… Read More

Getting your financial house in order is no small feat! It takes time, patience and most of all, persistence. For any lifestyle change, whether it be fitness, clean eating, or really anything, the most important thing to do is not give up. You can get frustrated, you can slow down your efforts, you can do a half-ass job, but as long as you don’t quit, you can potentially cycle through low motivation… Read More

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