Living Frugally—Week 21

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

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This week I treated a friend to lunch to celebrate her closing on a new house! I was able to bring my leftovers home to Mr. TFA to enjoy. 

Mr. TFA went to the grand opening of a new golf store in town. He needed new golf balls and a glove. This was quite serendipitous as the store was giving $20 off to all customers at the grand opening. He was able to save money on things he planned to buy anyway!

We pruned and cleared out dead leaves in our front hedges, and re-mulched the entire area. Our two trees out front (christened Bertha and Ethel) also received new mulch. As if all that yard work wasn’t enough, Mr. TFA used some stones we already had to revamp our landscaping. It looks fantastic! 

In addition to the business in the front (yard), there was a party in the back (yard). I re-potted a few plants that were too big for their britches current pots, and planted seeds in old egg shells for an herb garden. Fingers crossed!

This week we ate frozen pizza, burrito bowls, tuna fish sandwiches, salmon, and baked potatoes. While we’ve generally not been eating meat lately, we changed it up and chose to eat some fish this week. 

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Living Frugally—Week 21

Image of kitchen counter with 2 plates. On each plate is a tuna fish sandwich on toasted bread, and a salad with Italian dressing. There is a candle warmer in the background.
Tuna fish sandwiches and salad! I’m basically a chef. Yes, that is homemade Italian dressing (made from a packet, o’ course).

For self care this week, I took two baths, napped twice, journaled, spent a lot of restful time in my backyard, and used my foam roller liberally.

As we recently had a long weekend, I took advantage of the extra time and cleaned our whole house. This included all laundry, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, in addition to cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. I used only washable rags while cleaning as it’s more eco-friendly for both the environment and my wallet! Not outsourcing these chores is a big money saver.

I also washed our sheets and comforter, as I had a mishap while eating chips and salsa in the bed (we’ve all been there, folks). When we originally purchased our washing machine, we made sure there was a setting for large/bulky items. This is perfect, as I have no intention of ever taking my comforter to a laundromat and paying to wash it. 

Several months ago, I paid for something online for my mom and she was to pay me back. Coincidentally, she had store credit to a furniture store where I had my eye on a media chest (basically a TV console) for our bedroom. She paid me back using the store credit, as she wasn’t going to use it, and I knew we’d eventually buy the media chest. The fateful day arrived! I finally used the store credit this weekend to order the media chest! (We also have a running House Fund built up, to be used for house/garden/lawn needs. Having that money already budgeted made it easy to combine cash and store credit to buy this new furniture item.)

My mom and I worked on our latest sewing project this week, and I even did a little solo sewing. I’m growing up!

Mr. TFA and I had a date night on the back porch, where we talked about our future. We discussed our philosophies on preschool for any future children, and how we will care for our aging parents. Having these conversations in advance ensures we are on the same page well before the situation arises, and before the potential for emotional reactivity comes into play. I’m grateful to have a partner who is open to having deep, and sometimes tough talks like these. 

My work week was productive and enjoyable. I certainly think making the decision to go down to a 4-day work week and generally reduce my hours has allowed me to approach the work I currently have with a more energized spirit. 

While out for work this week, I was able to consolidate a few errands, including dropping off library books that were due. You won’t catch me with no library fines!

Speaking of the library, two books I’ve been in line for came through this week! Now, here’s to some rapid reading, to be sure I get through them both before they are due.

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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  1. We’re finally reaping what we sowed (literally) in our garden, so in theory our grocery bills are being reduced. In practice, I can eat 75 pounds of lettuce and still want to buy the same number of chocolate chips, so…we’ll see how effective it is.

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