Living Frugally—Week 20

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Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

This week I went to my weekly counseling appointment. I am grateful for health insurance that allows this, and for Mr. TFA’s HRA that reimburses us for medical expenses (including co-pays).

Mr. TFA and I went to Lowe’s and spent $87.21 on mulch and plants for our Spring/Summer garden. We ended up planting at twilight one evening this week, and it was a lovely experience. 

For dinner this week, we ate leftover tofu stir-fry, beans and rice, frozen pizza, and we splurged for Tex-Mex food and fast food. The Tex-Mex was enough to take home and make another meal out of it! Between both the Tex-Mex and the fast food, we probably spent ~$50. But I tell ya…it has been a delicious week!

My mom came over and we worked on our latest sewing project: a cover for my sewing machine. For some reason, this cracks me up, though every serious sewer I know (seamstress?) has a cover for their sewing machine.

This Fascinating Adventure 

Living Frugally—Week 20

Blue fabric laid out on the table crisscrossed quilted with white thread. A pair of sewing scissors and a sewing kit rest on the blue fabric. There is a white sewing machine partially shown on the right.
I’m getting more confident in my sewing skillz and I’ll be sure to share the end result!

I was fortunate enough to hang out with several friends this week. We just sat around—chatted and told jokes—all while spending no money. It was a tough week for me work-wise, and catching up with my friends is one of the ways I cope with difficult work environments

Speaking of difficult work environments, I’ve talked briefly about reducing my workload (and how I think I may be a workaholic). Welp, this week I pulled the trigger. I turned in my resignation letter for one of the entities I work for part-time. My last day will be June 30th.  

I was able to sleep in several times this week (thanks to some billable work cancellations), took a hot bath, read a couple of books from the library, and enjoyed coffee outside several mornings. There also has been a lot of gazing fondly at my garden. I even went and got a massage one afternoon. My self-care has been on point!

The books I read this week from the library include Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, and Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Both made me laugh and cry, as good books should.

This week I worked out three times. One of the days was Leg Day and I’m still sore! But I confess, I love the challenge.

The same Cigar Shop Mr. TFA works for is looking for some part-time help. I will start June 9th! It’s only about 5 hours a week, or to fill in as needed, but I am looking forward to working somewhere that has nothing to do with my career. I’ve never had a side hustle, but I’ll be sure to report back on this! Plus, I’ll be working with my friends! I promise this isn’t a way to feed my workaholic fire!

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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  1. I have a dream of getting into sewing one day…but probably not in the near future, given my workload. I think when the kids are older, I’m going to try to find classes for parents and kids.

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