Living Frugally—Week 18

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Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

Recently, I went to a dermatologist and got some over-the-counter recommendations. I’ve noticed an improvement already so I cancelled my follow-up appointment. If I need her services again, I can just reschedule. 

A friend of mine sought me out to chat about budgeting. She’s got a great goal of buying a second home, so we spent some time chit-chatting about budgeting and tracking all spending. It was a fruitful conversation for us both!

Spent $2.50 at a vending machine at one of my jobs. I hardly ever buy food when I’m out working—I’m all about that packed lunch, baby! Because I rarely do this, it was a treat! I find when I allow special things to be “special” (yes, even a coke and chips can be special), I enjoy it so much more. 

For dinner this week we ate: burrito bowls, frozen pizza, and grilled cheese. Of course we had our standard salads, fruit, nuts, cheese, etc. in our packed lunches. 

Living Frugally—Week 18

This Fascinating Adventure 

Cover of a book. Book is orange with beige lettering reading: How to be Idle, A Loafer’s Manifesto, By: Tom Hodgkinson. Below the title is a hand drawn image of a man sitting at a cafe table smoking a cigarette with a beverage resting on the table.

Began reading “How to be Idle.” So far, I’m loving it. All courtesy of the library. 

Ordered bras online. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve shopped for bras. It was time. 

Finding a healthy work-life balance has especially been on my mind this week. Mr. TFA and I have talked it over and I am hoping to incorporate some changes in my schedule this summer. Stay tuned!

One morning I forgot my coffee! Thankfully it was a short two-hour job and I was able to come home and drink some of my trusty cold-brew coffee. Crisis averted!

My darling nephew had a birthday this week! I sent him some gifts but also put a little bit of money aside for him in his “Bank Account” with me. I’ve been paying him interest on all money he leaves/deposits in the bank account. It’s been an amazing lesson for him on the power of compound interest!

Swung by Goodwill looking for a specific item. They didn’t have what I was looking for. Though I spent some time browsing, I resisted buying anything I didn’t need.

I have a library card through my local library (which I love). This week I picked up a library card from the big city nearby! *said in country twang* Through our library share program, I now have two library cards for different libraries!

Self-care was the theme of this week, despite working 60+ hours. I worked out three times using my Beachbody app, practiced meditation multiple times, journaled, went to therapy, and spent time with loved ones. It’s been a good week!

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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