Living Frugally—Week 16

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

Last week I didn’t post my weekly Living Frugally installment because we were cruisin’! (I was on a 7-day cruise. It was magnificent.) But I’m back now!

Living Frugally. Week 16. 

This Fascinating Adventure 

Image of clear blue water. Swimming in water are eight Caribbean Reef Sharks.
Sharks! We saw sharks while cruisin’!

When we arrived back home from the cruise, we did all kind of chores. Mostly unpacking and laundry, but while unpacking our toiletries, I took the opportunity to reorganize our bathroom cabinets. I consolidated all of our medicines, sunscreens, etc. so they are easy to find. This reduces our need to buy replacements because we can’t find what we need. 

Our refrigerator was bare for a couple more days until we made it to the grocery store (we made sure to eat anything that would expire before we left). We scavenged and ate tomato soup, grilled cheese, tuna sandwiches, and microwaved nachos for a couple days. 

We finally made it to the grocery store and spent ~$199 to fully stock our kitchen for the next 3 weeks (minus any fresh produce we may pick up in the next couple of weeks). My husband made burrito bowls which fed us for three days. We even used some leftover Taco Bell hot sauce packets in lieu of salsa!

We used a ton of ziploc bags to pack our toiletries on our trip (good thing too—my lotion went everywhere). I rinsed them out and saved the bags for future travel/storage (not to be used for food, of course). 

Rather than send a suit of my husband’s to the dry cleaners, I convinced him to let me wash it in our washing machine on the hand wash cycle. Came out just fine, and didn’t have to pay for the dry cleaners!

My husband and I both worked out 3 times using streaming workouts (through Beachbody: $99/year). 

Visited my mom to return the luggage she lent us for our trip. She gave me a whole bin of fabric to use for various upcoming sewing projects. 

Picked a baby bath from my local Buy Nothing group (on Facebook). 

Started a new audiobook (free via the Libby app). 

A local university I work for recently launched 457 retirement plans. Though I am a part-time employee, I was still able to open an account and look forward to having another retirement vehicle. Though my investment contributions will be small until we pay off the last of my husband’s student loan, I still opted to get started and deduct a nominal amount from my paychecks. I am thrilled to have access to this account, my solo 401(k), and a 401(a) from another part-time job. I have the trifecta! (Not to mention my IRA). Now to see how much money I can divert to all of these accounts…

Caught up on phone calls this week. Paid my quarterly life insurance premium, straightened out some flights I will be taking this summer, and called my bank since I got locked out of my online account. These phone calls were tedious, but worth staying on top of. 

Received our tax refund check. It wasn’t much, but it went straight toward the student loan. We are looking forward to being debt-free (sans mortgage)!

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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