Living Frugally—Week 15

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

Last weekend, my mom and I visited my nephew who lives a few hours away. We spent the night at his parents’ house while they were out of town. Money was spent on gas (~$30), groceries (~$45), and a Red-Box movie ($1.89). Additionally, we attended my nephew’s swim meet as entertainment (free). A fantastic, frugal weekend!

Donated a small amount to a charity that is near and dear to my heart. If you’re interested in checking them out (and maybe donating as well!), here’s the website for The DeafBlind Camp of Texas (DBCTX). 

I have talked about how much I love DBCTX to my friends, and the local cigar shop my husband works at once a week decided to join in! In their shop, they are encouraging donations for DBCTX all month! This is happening through a raffle prize (gift pack of cigar accessories) for those who donate! This warms my heart, demonstrates the generosity of the people who work there (I told you they were awesome!), and helps a fantastic local cause! Talk about what is passionate to you, because you never know who is listening. 

Read a great new book from the Libby app (A Discovery of Witches), and began a new audiobook. Both were freeee!

It rained a few days this week (hard!) and we enjoyed the coziness of the indoors. This also helped water our plants for free!

Weeded the garden and applied some fire ant killer to an ant pile (shaking my fist). All while wearing my new sun hat (my first clothing purchase in over 9 months). 

This week my husband made lentil soup (lasted 3 days), we ate frozen pizza, and picked up Mexican food one day. We also tried to raid our fridge of anything that will expire soon. This included several smoothies with produce, yogurt, and almond milk. We also boiled eggs to throw in our salads for work this week. Soon, we will be out of town and wanted to avoid any food waste. 

Living Frugally—Week 15

This Fascinating Adventure

Image of glass blender. Inside blender are unblended layers of milk, spinach, yogurt,and frozen blueberries.
Add some maple syrup (or chocolate syrup) and you can’t taste the veggies!

Because we will be out of town, and I didn’t want to come home to a messy house, I did some tidying and general cleaning. When we come back from vacation and dive back into the work-week, we won’t have to do anything except our laundry.

I gave myself a pedicure. I use some essential oils and this electronic foot file to get smooth, baby-soft feet (one of my best investments ever). 

My husband used a coupon to pay for parking while we are out of town. Where we’re going, we can’t take our car, so saving 15% on a week’s worth of parking was awesome. 

Cut up some old underwear clothes of my husband’s to make cleaning rags. 

Picked up a rack to hang decorative plates and a changing table (for a future baby!) from our local Buy Nothing group. Full disclosure: I’m not pregnant, I’m just gettin’ ready waaay in advance. Hi, I’m a planner

My husband’s A/C fan in his car stopped working for a few hours. We anticipated having to take his car in, but it started to work again. He drives a 2009 vehicle, and at some point I’m sure the A/C will go out for good. As of now, this expenditure was delayed! If/when it happens, we will use funds we have set aside for car repairs/random maintenance expenses. 

My mom cut my hair. I also plan to dye it tomorrow using box dye from our grocery store. 

Tidied my home office. It was like a tornado went through there, and I spent a good hour or two shredding old documents and filing loose papers. The cleared and clean space makes me happy. 

I had an appointment this week to do allergy testing. I have seasonal allergies, and I was mostly curious as to what else I may be allergic to. However, they called giving me the cost of my test, and even with insurance, it was too pricey for my tastes. My husband has done allergy testing and shots, and noticed a major improvement with his migraines. As I have no serious health concerns, I did not view this as a worthwhile way to spend my money and cancelled my appointment.

I listened to The Fairer Cents podcast. It’s great. If you like podcasts, or wanna have a broader financial talk with women at the helm, I strongly encourage you to check it out!

To prep for our trip (did I mention I’m going on vacation?), my husband went to Sam’s to buy a new bathing suit for himself, and some sunscreen. While he was there, he picked up paper products (TP, etc.) so we’re stocked! We got a Sam’s club membership last year when we hosted a Celebration of Marriage party and needed a ton of supplies. We also used our membership to buy a dramatically discounted TV during the holiday sales. Other than that, as a family of 2, we haven’t used it too much, and will not renew our membership this year. 

Our in-laws will stay at our house while we are out of town to do some house-sitting and plant watering. Living near family is a blessing. 

We borrowed luggage from my parents for our trip. As of now, we have small pieces of luggage that have suited us, but for a longer trip we definitely needed larger pieces. While we may eventually purchase our own larger set, at this point, borrowing works just fine. 

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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  1. Free water for your plants! That is Right View right there! Enjoy your trip!!

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