Living Frugally—Week 12

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

Last weekend we spent some time playing Skip-Bo before my nephew had to go back home. It was fun and free! 

Since his Spring Break was over, I drove my nephew back home. We entertained ourselves on the drive by pointing out all the cows (I live in Texas, people), sharing random animal trivia, and admiring the wildflowers. We ate before we left, so we wouldn’t be hungry on the 3 hour drive. I packed a couple of snacks for the way back (another 3 hours) just in case. Gas was the only thing I spent money on.

In a few weeks I am going to head back to my nephew’s hometown and catch one of his swim meets. While dropping him off last weekend and chatting with his parents, they offered me use of their home on my next visit, as they will be out of town. My nephew is my sister’s son, but he lives full-time with his dad and stepmom. They certainly don’t have to be so generous to me (a non-family member) so I appreciate it very much. I won’t have to pay for a hotel!

My parents took me out to eat, and I brought home leftovers for my husband.

We hung out with friends a couple times this week, and took home the leftover pizza after one of these gatherings. We also ate a ton of BBQ at another event, but we opted to not take any home. Too stuffed! Usually, we contribute potato salad or chips to these gatherings, and end up eating such good food! Potlucks with friends are the best (but we are still eating Meatless at home)!

In addition to eating BBQ, pizza, etc., we also ate leftovers this week, took my father-in-law out to eat for his birthday, and made a batch of burrito bowls! 

This Fascinating Adventure

Living Frugally—Week 12

Image of a white cutting board on a kitchen counter with a knife off to the side. On the cutting board are a rainbow of vegetables. Right to left: red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, green bell peppers, purple onion.
The veggies we use in our burrito bowls! YUM!

Picked up some extra work this week. I worked one early morning, and one evening shift to earn a pay differential for the odd hours. 

A friend of mine was told by her physician that she needs to get on a special diet because of her weight and some heart issues. She was stressing about these changes, and I was able to help Google. That. Shit. At one point, she considered hiring a nutritionist so she could find some resources and recipes. However, through the bless-ed internet, it looks like she has found what she needs to get started. Sometimes, just having information makes difficult things seem more manageable. 

Had a doctor’s appointment (this time a specialist). It’s that preventative care y’all!

Met some friends at a juice bar this week. I did spend $10 on a large juice (plus tip), but I opted to eat my packed lunch, so I didn’t spend money on food. I wanted the juice, and bought it using my allowance, but as easily I could’ve ordered nothing and it would’ve been fine to just sit with my buds. 

Made my first contribution to my newly opened Solo 401k. Previously, as my main retirement vehicle, I was using a 403b from one of my part-time jobs. The fees for the 403b were too high, and at the end of last year I opened up a Solo 401k through my LLC. This will help me reduce fees and control my retirement funds a little better.

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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2 Comments on “Living Frugally—Week 12

  1. well …. since i have had to make changes due to my health i have noticed A SERIOUS amount saved in not eating out all the damn time !!! it really has made such a big difference in my bank account !!

    however im finding it very hard to find time to prep … so sometimes i have to admit … i go a little longer between meals … but trust me … i can afford it haha

    • Yes, definitely, meal prep is the hardest. I am publishing a post on Wednesday about grocery shopping, so perfect timing! It might be different for me, as we are a family of 2, but hopefully the post helps tackle some of the costs that go with food!

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