Living Frugally—Week 11

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

This week I had my 13-year-old nephew with me for his Spring Break! A lot of our activities were focused around him, and we definitely spent a little more money than usual. However, we still found some ways to approach situations Frugally!

We ate leftover veggie lentil soup, frozen pizza, veggie casserole, Mexican take out, and lasagna. Basically, we ate goooood this week!

Made bread from scratch using this recipe. This was my second attempt and I was much more successful than my last attempt (no smoke in the kitchen)!

Frugal Friday Week 11
This Fascinating Adventure
Resting on a black kitchen towel is a cooling rack. On the cooling rack is a large round loaf of freshly baked bread.

Picked up more baby stuff (clothes) from my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook. Also picked up a pair of swim goggles for my nephew to use in our neighborhood pool.

Weeded my garden. This allowed me to prep the soil for planting this year’s garden, and it was free exercise.

My husband and I realized we were overpaying for carrots. We had been overlooking a brand of organic carrots on the shelf—it’s significantly cheaper than the bundle we were in the habit of grabbing. 

During this busy week, I practiced breathing meditations a lot and also took a hot bath.

Went jogging around the block with my nephew—free exercise!

Took my nephew to a free youth group. It’s a really cool group my city offers that provides snacks, is 4 hours long, and aligns with his interests. It’s pretty much perfect and any time he’s in town, we make sure to swing by at least once. As an introvert (who loves my nephew very much), dropping him off is a break for me as much as it is for him. 

 My nephew was sick for a few days this week (poor guy!) so we did a ton of stuff to help him feel better without going to the store. We did hot baths, hot water with lemon, tea, medicines we had on hand, soup, fruits, water, and rest! He was not down to try my Apple Cider Vinegar concoction.

I booked a vacation for this summer using mostly credit card points. For 3 people, we got hotel, airfare, and entertainment covered, using cash for about 25% of the total cost of the vacation. The remaining 75% was covered using points and I am excited!

We had a Spring Tune-Up on our lawn sprinkler system. It cost some money to have the guy come out, but he found a leak that would likely cost us more in water bills than if we hadn’t checked. 

Reached a minimum spend for a new credit card I opened. I was able to book my summer vacation using the bonus points earned from various credit card promotional offers.

My nephew withdrew money from his bank account for a haircut. (My nephew has opened a “bank account” with me. Since I help out quite a bit with his various wants/needs, I went ahead and started giving him an allowance that I keep in the bank for him. He can deposit/withdraw money as he sees fit, but if he leaves it in the bank I will pay him interest. By setting it as a structured amount that he can practice managing, I am attempting to offset how much money I would spend on him anyway. I also want to teach him the value of leaving money in savings and watching it grow.) 

Picked up some early morning work. Because I had my nephew in town, I tried to finish my work day as early as possible (by 12 pm or 2 pm at the latest). To compensate for the early end times, I picked up some early morning shifts to make up the difference in my income. He sleeps-in through the early morning hours anyway. 🤣

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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