Living Frugally—Week Nine

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

It was time to change the filters in our water softener. It is cheaper to pick up the supplies than it is to get them delivered, so while I was on that side of town for another reason, I picked up the supplies. Saved on gas by batching the drive, saved on delivery by doing pick-up myself, and we are saving on labor by doing the replacement ourselves. Youtube is our friend, folks!

Listened to really good free live music.

There was a Free to the Public day at a local wildflower garden, and I was able to go out there and spend a few hours wandering. It happened to be a beautiful day (smack in the middle of a rainy week), and it worked out wonderfully. 

My mom stopped by with surprise pizza from the local gourmet pizza shop. We ate delicious food, and enjoyed even better company. 

Visited with a friend without spending any money. We had a long, deep talk about anything and everything. It was one of those visits that made us closer friends than we were before (which I didn’t think was possible!).

My husband and I are still working on enclosing our back patio (the weather has been holding us up). We reached a point in the project where we needed a particular tool, and were unsure if we wanted to purchase a tool that we probably wouldn’t use again. Lo and behold, a friend of ours happened to have the tool we needed, and was willing to lend it to us. Gooo friendship!

For food this week, we ate leftover lentil spaghetti, lots of baked potatoes, another round of burrito bowls, and a frozen pizza.

I made a batch of banana bread with some soon expired bananas, and also tried my hand at making regular no-knead sandwich bread in the oven. Making the no-knead bread was an experiment. I literally filled my kitchen with mild haze of smoke, and the bread was rather flavorless, but I will attempt it again!

Living Frugally
On a kitchen counter: Picture of 2 plates of lentil spaghetti, a couple of forks, and a big red bowl with plastic wrap covering it. Inside the red bowl is dough for bread, set to rise.
The bread is hanging in the bowl to rise. Also pictured: lentil spaghetti leftovers. Yum!

Enjoyed coffee at home and slow wake-ups a couple of times this week. Talk about that Self-Care!

I balanced the lazy mornings with a few early rises for work this week, and was able to capitalize on the higher pay-rate for taking 6am shifts. 

As a result of those early-to-rise mornings, I napped. It all came full circle (Self-Care y’all).

I received a contact from a potential new client, and we’ve scheduled to meet next week. This potential new client came out of a referral from a social acquaintance. All the more reason to treat everyone as a potential client, as you never know where your next lead will come from. 

Picked up new book from my local Buy Nothing group, read one from the library, and listened to 2 audio books. 

My husband was sorely due for new work shoes, and we discussed how he at some point would need some new everyday sneakers as well. He went off on his own to buy the shoes and came home with 2 new pairs within the Budget we set aside for the one pair of work shoes. 

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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  1. My frugal accomplishment this week was taking my wife on a short vacation. Instead of paying for a hotel, I was able to borrow a friends place at the beach!😁

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