Living Frugally—Week Four

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

This week was a little crazy schedule-wise and stress-wise. I practiced a lot of self-care this week which included free activities such as taking warm baths, making tea, and taking a nap. While shelling out for a massage or some other self-care sometimes is helpful (and I definitely do this at times), there are many things I can do to nurture myself that are free. 

It was nice having an extra day off this week and I spent a lot of quality time with my husband. 

I enjoyed coffee made at home all week. One especially crazy day I felt like a (caffeine) treat, and while I normally drink my iced (Toddy) coffee black, I added some almond milk and maple syrup and made the coffee an extra large.

It tasted like gourmet coffee, but was made at home with ingredients on hand and was DELICIOUS.

I ate a packed lunch during the workweek every day. 

I hung out with friends a couple of times in public cafes and chose to not spend money on ordering anything. Two times I just hung out while they snacked and I enjoyed their company, the third time I enjoyed some fries with my allowance. I’m glad that I can have a good time without spending money, and that at times, I can spend money on things I want using my allotted allowance.

I went to a social event that served tamales and enjoyed a free meal while hanging with friends. 

Cleaned my whole house using washable rags and cleaning products we have on hand. I appreciated not having to outsource any chores, and its great physical exercise for me! Plus, I admit, I love a clean house.

Went grocery shopping for the next 3 weeks. While we bought a lot of household items (toilet paper, etc), we also have decided to go meatless for the next month (an experiment!) and I was happy with how much lower our grocery bill is when we do not purchase meat. 

Ate leftovers often this week. We batch cooked Burrito Bowls, Lentil Soup, and Beans and Rice and these dishes fed us for dinner all week. 

I had some leftover cilantro that I used last week to make guacamole. As cheap as it is, I didn’t want to waste it, so I threw it into the Beans and Rice to give it a little kick. I also made a batch of cilantro rice for our Burrito Bowls. Who knew cilantro was so spicy?!

When we chopped up the carrots for the Lentil Soup, we used the green leaf (stems??) from the carrots in our smoothie. It was a little grainy but it felt good to not waste a single bit of the food we bought, and to get the extra nutrients. 

We made smoothies a few times (once with the carrot heads!) using frozen fruit and fresh veggies to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Usually, because of the nature of my job, I drive a lot! This week, I was able to keep my driving to a minimum (partially because of the holiday on Monday, and partially because I scheduled jobs close together in town) and only used half a tank of gas. There have been weeks where I have used 3x this amount, so I am pleased it is Friday and I still have a decent amount of gas left.

A friend of mine is reading a book series I love and I happen to own. He was bemoaning the local library for not carrying the entire series and I was able to loan him the next book. It is nice to share what we have so others don’t have to use their own resources unnecessarily.

I read several ebooks from my library, and finished up my audiobook. I checked out a new audiobook that is fantastic so far.

My smart husband called around and got a better deal on our home and auto insurance. We are going to save over $100/month. This extra work is so worth it.

I completed some online trainings for one of the entities I work for. It was a slow week work-wise for this particular entity, so being able to pad the time with some trainings will help my income flow.

I was able to transfer a significant amount of money from one paid invoice into my savings account. I am preparing for some upcoming large expenses and make sure to move some money into a high-yield savings account periodically in order to capitalize on the interest. Also, by having it out of my checking account, I am less likely to be tempted to spend the money on non-essentials. 

I helped a family member out with some money. While I try to be careful when doing this, because my family has some codependent habits, I was grateful I had the surplus to help when someone I love truly needs the help. My partner and I made this decision together, as we do all financial decisions. 

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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