Living Frugally—Week Three

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

I attended a free class at the library that taught about Essential Oils. I was able to make and take home 2 different massage oils (one to soothe muscles, and one to reduce stress). I attended this class with my mom (who also made some take-home oils), and we enjoyed our time together. 

My husband and I packed our lunches for work all week.

I picked up a few last-minute jobs this week and was able to generate additional income.

Used washable cloths all week for my cleaning needs.

I cleaned and sealed all of the grout in our kitchen, dining room, entryway, and laundry room. I priced paying someone to come do this (because it was hard work!) but was quoted $400+ and was happy to spend the course of the week working on it myself. I am enjoying the finished product more, especially because I labored over it myself. It was also great (free!) exercise.

Here you can see the difference between the dirty and clean grout!

One assignment I worked this week is in a downtown area where parking is hard to find. Last time I paid $20 to park in a lot because I was tired of circling the block! I left my house early enough and found parking at a meter paying only $2.40. I can write this off through my business, but because I am the only employee, any money I don’t spend on operating costs goes straight to me.

I batched my errands so I was able to complete a few things on the other side of town on the way home from a job. This would have been inconvenient if I had done otherwise.

I grocery shopped for the week and only spent $35 on additions to what we already had. In the upcoming week it will be a larger grocery trip, but I was pleased to spend so little.

I attended a free meditation class that ended with a Noble Silence walk. I was apprehensive about trying something new, but it was pleasant to spend a couple of hours with friends in a peaceful setting and I was glad I went. 

I signed the agreement with my CPA to complete my LLC taxes through him again this year. Though his price has gone up since last year (ouch!) I had the funds available and was able to pay this with no problem due to planning and saving. Last year was the first time I used him, and he saved me several thousand dollars, so the expense is well worth the savings I anticipate this year.

Read several free books from the library using my Libby app, and also listened to a new audiobook on my commute (also from the library). 

Enjoyed a lot of leftovers this week from some batch cooking. We only cooked 2 times this week and we still have enough to feed us for a couple more days. We also went out to eat this week to celebrate my Father-in-Law’s retirement. It was enjoyable to pick up the check and honor the hard work he put in over a 40-year career, and I was able to enjoy leftovers the following day. 

After making too much coffee in my coffee pot, I saved the remaining coffee in the fridge using a mason jar and drank it the next day. 

I was gracious with a customer when they made an error and I could’ve billed them nevertheless, but didn’t. This maintains good relations and I am comfortable enough with my income/savings to where this was possible with no resentment. 

I completed a sewing project that I worked on with my mom. It was wonderful spending the time together and I now have a beautiful tree skirt and a set of stockings to use for next Christmas. 

One of the completed stockings!

I was able to socialize with friends several times this week, all just hanging out, without any money spent. 

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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