Living Frugally—Week Two

Here is another weekly installment of Living Frugally where I share my frugal accomplishments for the past week. Be sure to share your frugal successes in the comments!

Began a project to enclose part of our back porch. We are hoping to have a nice place to sit during the colder weather days, and some hot summers (we have a ceiling fan out back already). By doing the labor ourselves, we are only out the price of materials. 

Here’s the first wall of our Enclosure Project! It will probably take several weekends to complete as we are squeezing the work in between other projects.

I re-gifted a gift card I received to a restaurant that my husband and I will never go to. It was a nice gift for a friend’s birthday. 

I attended several social events this week that had fantastic food spreads and was able to eat several good meals for free.

My husband packed our workday lunches all week.

We ground our own quality coffee beans and make our own Toddy coffee to-go for the week. 

I chose to take several hot baths and listen to guided meditations on YouTube this week to relax and pamper myself. 

I mopped our tile floors using a Vinegar/water spray and re-usable microfiber cloths that fit our Swiffer. 

I listened to an audiobook on my commute that I got from the library. I also read an e-book from the library. Additionally, I downloaded a free e-book on personal finance from the internet. 

I consolidated some errands I needed to run, so I was able to minimize the gas usage.

I got a grab bag of various silly toys from a mandatory training I attended this week. I was able to throw those in with some clothes I bought on sale as a birthday gift for a family friend’s 4-year old. 

I ate leftovers several times this week. 

I also used a coupon for a free medium 1-topping pizza from a local pizza place. I just paid for the tip.

I was able to pay my quarterly tax payment for January. This is my last payment going toward 2018 and I have to budget in advance for this hefty amount since some of the work I do is as an Independent Contractor. I was only able to make this payment with no stress because of prudent planning and saving throughout the quarter.

I made a smoothie with some produce that was close to spoiling. 

I upped my monthly savings transfer by 1%. I intend to do this every month.

I participated in a program to buy back my dying iPad and received a $120 gift card to Apple. 

I continued work on some sewing projects with my mom. We are making a matching Christmas tree skirt and stockings that we can use for next year (and hopefully many years to come!)

What are some of your frugal accomplishments for this past week?

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