Living Frugally—Week One

Hi Everyone! This is the first in what I’m hoping to be a weekly installment of Living Frugally. Here I plan to talk about what I did this past week to practice simple living and frugality, and my plans for the upcoming week.

My husband and I felt like we were coming down with colds, so we made an Apple Cider Vinegar home remedy with ingredients we already had at home. We are feeling better already.

I picked up one day of work this week (though it is my two-week holiday vacation) to make some money I otherwise would not have. 

My nephew was in town and wanted to make a long-time family recipe of his Great-Grandmother’s for fudge and peanut brittle. There was sentimental value in it, as he is very interested in the family and he never met his Great-Grandmother, in addition to being able to have enough desserts to enjoy at home. We purchased the ingredients we needed at the grocery store for less than $20, as we had most of the items on hand. 

We attended a New Year’s Eve party at my parents’ house, where we brought the fudge/peanut brittle as our potluck item, and we brought the rest of the dessert to a New Year’s Day party we attended with friends. 

Our Razzle-Dazzle new floors!

A long time home project of new tile floors was completed today, and while we outsourced this project, we spent a lot of time researching tile prices. We chose to go through a contractor who’s work we know, rather than hire someone to do the labor from the same store we bought the tile. We saved around $1100 going this route, and the floors look fantastic. I also was able to schedule the labor to occur during my pre-planned two-week holiday vacation, so my spouse and I did not need to miss additional work. 

I returned an iPad case I ordered to Target as it was not what I expected. I ended up ordering a different one off Amazon that is much hardier and less than half the price.

I returned a jug of peanut oil to Wal-mart that I did not use when we deep fried our turkey for Christmas. 

I read an e-book from the library. I also listened to a different audio book (also from the library) while running my errands this week.

My nephew, husband, and I played a lot of card games this week. 

I ate leftovers from various holiday meals all week. Tonight will be the first night this week that we are cooking dinner. 

I began planning a trip to Disney World that my nephew and I will take this summer. We plan to pay for the flight and hotel with rewards points I’ve earned on my credit cards (that I always pay in full every month). I’ve earned these points through my regular spending on food/gas/etc. over the last few months. 

What about you? What are the frugal highlights of your week?

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