What To Do When You’re Getting Sick

On New Year’s Day, around 6pm, I started to feel something not right in my body. I was stuffed up, and a little weak and stiff in some places. As much as I wanted to brush it off and call it good, old, reliably miserable, allergies, I knew it was something much grosser. 

I wasn’t hung over, hadn’t eaten too much junk food over the holidays, and it was definitely related to my respiratory system. I’ve had my share of bronchitis in my lifetime, and once, even had a case of Walking Pneumonia (where I cracked a rib from coughing so hard). I am leery of anything respiratory as it has its own timeline, and left unchecked, the misery can last a couple of days, to a couple of weeks. I am here to share what cures my ails: Nine other things you can do if you’re coming down with something:

  1. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts.
  2. Or a steamy shower (more than once a day if you have the luxury).
  3. Wash your hands regularly.
  4. Drink plenty of water—and then drink more.
  5. Drink hot teas…they smell good, and the heat (and most varieties of herbs) soothes your passageways.
  6. If your cough/runny nose is productive, get it out! Blow, spit down the toilet, whatever. It’s nasty, but even nastier if you leave it in your body.
  7. Eat healthy foods. At the very least eat something! It’s hard to want to eat when you feel lousy, but your body needs quality fuel to keep fighting the good fight!
  8. Rest. Sleep. Wake up, and rest. Repeat.
  9. Most of all…if you really feel like trash, and it’s not improving at all—go to the Doctor. Skipping this step is how I ended up getting that Walking Pneumonia I referenced earlier. Yuck!

When you’re done being sick, wash your sheets, and run a wipe over your phone, bedside table, etc. If you’re wild like me, you can spray your couch with Lysol, vacuum, clean everything in the house, do all the laundry etc. Just get them germs out of your house! I’m off to rest (read: watch Netflix shows I’ve already watched multiple times). Cheers to healthy lives!

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